Take a Beer Tasting Tour in Bruges For a Purely Belgian Beer Experience

Bruges is well-known as the “Venice of the North” and is considered to be the most enchanting city in Belgium. The medieval historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a perfect for a quick trip to explore this city.

Blessed with small alleyways, canals in the shade of willow trees, old pubs and cafes, Bruges is famed as a beautiful destination around Belgium.


Belgium comprises of three regions, three languages, and an undying passion for three best products, fries, chocolate, and beer. These three magical words will win over the most reserved Belgian for sure.

Most notably, the beer tasting is the most exciting and fun-filled way to enjoy a visit to Belgium. In fact, Belgian breweries located in the charming places or idyllic countryside of Bruges, have been providing the uncanny quality beers. Let’s explore the Belgian beer varieties in Bruges:

Belgian Types of Beer –

Tripel – Tripel beer is prepared using a large amount of un-caramelized beet sugar – which sparkle the ale and offers a sparkling golden color to the beer. It has fruity flavors like pear, banana, apple, and citrus.


Witbier – Witbier is translated as “White Beer”. It can be dated back to the Middle Age. This beer is brewed with unmalted coriander, wheat, and orange peel for a citrus and spicy flavor.

Dubbel – Dubbel is one of the most common Belgian beer types and is used by Trappist and Abbey breweries. Dubbel beer includes a characteristic brown color. But the flavors and production process vary from beer to beer.

Belgian Strong Pale Ale– Belgian Strong Pale Ale is a recent addition to Belgian beer varietiesand is quite similar to Tripel. It’s often lighter in color and drier. It’s highly carbonated and tastes slightly better.

Belgian Pale Ale – You should not be confused Belgian Pale Ale with Belgian Strong Pale Ale – despite being quite similar. This beer has a copper color and a toasty maltiness. You will get a fruity, peppery flavor while tasting Belgian Pale Ale beer.

Lambic Ale – Lambic Ales are generally very rare – but aren’t impossible to find. Rather than using the controlled brewing methods, this beer is fermented using the wild yeast and bacteria that float around in the air. You will get many other types of Lambic Ales like anunblended lambic, Gueuze, and fruited lambics.

Flanders Red and Brown Ales – Flanders Red and Brown Ales taste quite sour but are very indigenous to the Flanders region. Flanders Red beers are filled with plum, berry, and balsamic vinegar flavors. However, its brown counterpart is prepared from plums, figs, dates, and red berries for a toned-down sourness.


Conclusion –

Are you excited about tasting Belgian beer varieties? Why are you waiting for? Embark on a guided tour for a beer tasting with CYHITours and enjoy tasting authentic beers in a fun-filled approach.

For more updates and latest news of Belgian beer types, you can stay in touch with us on Facebook & Twitter social networks.


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